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Why fecal egg counts and targeted deworming will benefit your horse and maybe even your wallet: Internal parasites can cause many problems in horses, such as colic, anemia, ill-thrift and diarrhea.

The goal of deworming your horse is to reduce the amount of eggs shed into their environment. This is achieved by reducing the number of internal parasites in your horse as well as reducing environmental contamination. This system has many disadvantages, the first being that for many horses, deworming this frequently is unnecessary. Secondly, click here deworming is leading to drug resistance in parasites.

This means that the drugs anthelmintics are becoming less effective at killing the parasites and when they do work, they last a shorter period of time egg reappearance period. Resistance is concerning because drug companies are not currently developing new anthelmintics. The bottom line is, as veterinarians and horse owners, we have to de droguri cai-worming what we can to slow down the development of resistance. The current recommendation is to use a strategy called targeted de droguri cai-worming selective deworming.

Fecal egg counts FEC are used to identify horses with a high parasite burden high egg shedders and only those horses are treated. Research has shown that the major benefit to this strategy is to slow down the progression of resistance in the worm population. Targeted deworming is also better for the environment, prevents unnecessary medication of horses, and may even save you money in the long run. The de droguri cai-worming reason we de droguri cai-worming treating these horses is that tapeworms will not show up on fecal egg counts.

De droguri cai-worming is effective against tapeworms. We strongly recommend performing fecal egg counts on these horses as resistance to Strongid is well documented and often these horses have a high parasite burden. Additionally, research suggests that daily dewormers read article contributing to resistance in the worm population.

To determine the effectiveness of your deworming, serial fecal egg counts should be performed. The FEC should be close to zero at this point. If it remains high, you have evidence that the worms in your horse have developed resistance to that particular drug and a dewormer from a different drug class should be used. If this occurs, it is important to consult us, your veterinarian, so that we can work together to create a special deworming program de droguri cai-worming your horse.

Knowing the egg reappearance time for high egg shedders is also important information as it tells you if the drug is effective for a shorter de droguri cai-worming expected period of time. Deworming your horse will kill the worms currently living in them and decrease the amount of eggs shed into the environment.

Environmental hygiene is as important as the use of dewormers. Why should it be any different with internal parasites? Perform FECs on new horses and deworm appropriately before turnout, especially if they are young or have an unknown deworming history. Body Condition Score of the Horse. Feeding the Metabolic De droguri cai-worming. How to Apply a Hoof Bandage.

For you, your companion, your athlete. Additional management practices to reduce the worm burden: Deworming your horse will kill negru om viermi la worms currently living in them and decrease the amount of eggs shed into the learn more here. Home About De droguri cai-worming Services Client Education News Contact.


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