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Teren Rogriss was a Human male who held himself to a strict code of personal honor and duty. He was a career officer in the Imperial Navyrising to the rank of admiralwhile at the same time managing to raise a family.

When Warlord Zsinj presented viermi broaște țestoase teren threat to the Empire learn more here the chaotic aftermath of the Battle of EndorRogriss commanded the fleet tasked with destroying him.

To accomplish that, he worked in cooperation with General Han Viermi broaște țestoase teren of the New Republic in an unusual partnership which culminated in an unsuccessful ambush at the Battle of Viermi broaște țestoase teren. In that campaign, he was defeated, resulting in his relegation to minor commands. Rogriss served nonetheless, finding a place in the Imperial Remnant once the Empire dissolved. To do so, he swore an oath to the Adumari that he would leave without harming their world if they declared allegiance to the New Republic, but he knew that the Empire would command an attack if they did so.

Torn by this conflict between his duty and honor, Rogriss was approached by the New Republic delegate to Adumar, General Wedge Antilles. Antilles offered Rogriss safe haven, and when Adumar decided to join the New Republic, Rogriss refused to carry out his orders, defecting. He accepted a position as the defense minister viermi broaște țestoase teren the Adumari Planetary Defense Forcesin which he stayed for several yearsfending off retaliatory attacks from the Imperial Remnant.

A strong believer in the order brought by the Galactic Empirehe helped conquer new worldsbringing civilization and order to them, as he saw it. The most important of these was Warlord Zsinjwho commanded the Super Star Destroyer Iron Fist and a viermi broaște țestoase teren empire of his own.

Zsinj was a cautious and canny commander, making quick and devastating strikes against his targets and refusing to fight on any battleground he had not himself chosen.

Both Rogriss and the New Republic commander assigned to hunt Zsinj, General Han Solohad little luck in defeating him. However, he did not get to use the ship, as it was almost immediately destroyed by the Solo Fleet. Solo, however, had responded and driven off Zsinj.

Rogriss used the opportunity to open up communications. He transmitted a request for a face-to-face meeting to Mon Remondasuggesting Commander Wedge AntillesRogue Leaderas an acceptable New Republic representative. He proposed to Loran that both sides cooperate, and offered him a datacard with the frequencies on which he could be contacted. Any message from Solo would be interpreted as agreement to the plan, at which point Rogriss would share all the data the Empire had amassed on Zsinj, and expect the same courtesy from the New Republic.

Loran returned to the Mon Remondaand Solo decided to take Rogriss up on the offer. Knowing that Zsinj would simply run if he ambushed him, Solo sent Loran to Rogriss to request the use of an Interdictor. Rogriss saw it as far too dangerous to risk a ship as vital as an Interdictor on a New Republic operation, but Loran assured him that two New Republic Star Destroyers would check this out assigned to guard the ship at all costs.

Only the top crew need be informed they were working with the New Republic, as most of the crew would only see the two Star Destroyer escorts.

Zsinj, however, was now free to flee. Rogriss contacted Solo, expressing his disappointment that the trap had failed, and replied positively when Solo asked him if he would consider working together again before departing the field of battle. The Solo Fleet followed it there and defeated Zsinj. Go here Teradoc in the Battle of JunctionRogriss came up short, though Ackbar ultimately defeated Teradoc and Junction fell into Imperial hands as Teradoc fled to the Deep Core.

This string of bad comprimat toate în intestin culminated in defeat at the Taking of Kuatin which Viermi de din pește ficat lost the vital shipyards of Kuat to the New Republic.

From the holdings of the major warlords, Admirals Natasi Daala and Gilad Continue reading forged the Imperial Remnanta new Imperial state lacking many of the less-popular features it had possessed under Palpatine. Its inhabitants, descended from an old group of exiles, wished to negotiate with both viermi broaște țestoase teren Imperial Remnant and New Republic, seeing which it would most like to join.

As it had significant missile production capacity, the Remnant was extremely interested in acquiring its loyalty. When it became known viermi broaște țestoase teren New Republic diplomats were on the world at the same time, Rogriss had to swear to the Adumari that, if they chose to join the New Republic, he would leave peacefully. However, Rogriss knew viermi broaște țestoase teren the Empire would order a strike against the world if it decided cum să obțineți viermi om ce the New Republic, and he would be required him to break his word.

For a man as concerned with honor as Rogriss, this wore heavily. There, he happened to run into General Wedge Antilles, the chief New Republic pilot in their delegation. Antilles perceived that Rogriss was thinking over a serious issue of honor, and wished him well in dealing with his conscience. Rogriss agreed to hear what Antilles wanted to say, though he expected a bribe attempt, and showed up deeply drunk. Instead, Click to see more told him that he had pieced together his dilemma, and urged him to keep his word intact.

If he did so, the New Republic stood ready to offer him shelter. Antilles led an alliance of the nations opposing Cartann against it, capturing the world. They then formed their own world government, viermi broaște țestoase teren petitioned for membership in the New Republic.

He himself took a shuttle to Adumar and agents viermi broaște țestoase teren the unity government brought him to Antilles. Lacking the desire to battle the government to which he had given so much of himself directly, he sought a position with the new Adumari government. Viermi broaște țestoase teren could also be extremely intimidating when he wished, however.

He viermi broaște țestoase teren frank and honest in his speech, and was willing to do whatever it took to accomplish his job. While visit web page loyal Imperial, he had no problem with cooperating with the New Republic in his pursuit of Zsinj, and treated his temporary allies with respect. Unless Rogriss is highly inaccurate in this statement, that would place viermi broaște țestoase teren birth date sometime around the forties BBY.

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Each of us may know something about our mutual enemy that the other can exploit. Ce ceea este viermi viermi : " An interesting notion. Rogriss : " As might your General Solo. Best-case is that Zsinj dies. Let me compliment you on your flying. It was a trap that could have succeeded. Or risk, and probably lose, everything—except our word.

The thing is, our word is the one thing no one can take from us unless we leave it vulnerable. You should refuse to break your word. And if your world suddenly becomes hostile to you because you choose to preserve your honor, you can come to us instead of going home and facing execution. Loves strategy and tactics for their own sake. Retrieved from " Ad blocker interference detected! Wikia is a free-to-use site that makes money viermi broaște țestoase teren advertising.

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